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What is the best Rope for Magnet Fishing?

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Chopolino Magnet Fishing Blog

Selecting the right rope for magnet fishing activities is super important.

In the #gonemagnetfishing blog post we will cover the main points you need to take into consideration.

Breaking Point: This parameter defines the ability of your magnet fishing rope to work with your magnet. No matter how strong your Neodymium Magnet is, if your rope is not as strong, it will break and your magnet (and magnet fishing find!) will be gone. Therefore, using a Nylon rope with 16 strand braid, coated with a protective polypropylene cover, will assure you have a light yet highly durable rope, capable of at least 1,100 lbs of pulling force.

Length: You may want to go deep is some occasions or go magnet fishing from a bridge. Go with a rope that is long enough so you won't be limited to shallow waters only. The best choice is to go with 100 feet of rope length.

Physical characteristics: The rope tied to your strong magnet is expected to work hard. The break point was discussed earlier in this post, however the rope should be flexible. elastic, resistant to abrasion, wear and tear and also resistant to harmful UV radiation and water. Furthermore, it should be easy to manipulate for a tie-down and to hold the knot well.

Nylon rope with 16 strand braid