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Magnet Fishing Tips - All You need to get it right | Chopolino

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Chopolino Magnet Fishing Blog

Magnet Fishing Tips & Tricks

Magnet fishing is an excellent alternative to conventional metal detecting for those looking for a new level of excitement. All you need to get started is a Powerful Magnet Fishing Magnet made of #Neodymium, attach the strong magnet to a strong rope and toss it in body of water.  

it is known that many metal objects are just waiting to be detected after being underwater for ages! You never know your Neodymium magnet will find as you might reel in old coins, guns, safes and even this laptop that was recently salvaged.

What are the tips for a great Magnet Fishing experience? Here goes:

Safety first! Magnet Fishing magnets made from Neodymium, a rare earth magnet are extremely strong. Keep your fingers away as they may get caught and probably hurt if you come too close to a heavy metal object with your finger in between. 

Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet used for Magnet Fishing

Use a strong rope and tie tie your magnet using a strong Knot. Some hidden metal objects may be heavier than expected, so if you don’t want to loose your magnet, make sure you use a compatible magnet fishing rope and a tight secure knot.

Naturally, the Location of your Magnet Fishing adventure is key to your successful treasure hunt. Look for bodies of water in urban areas, parks, rivers and lakes. People are using these location to discard metal objects and also loose rings, earrings, phones and wallets.

Best practices: Magnet fishing is simple but there are a few guidelines based on the different types of water you are using.  If you are at a sea shore, river bank, on a bridge above the lake you can just sink your magnet fishing magnet in there.  If you use it while you walk in parallel to the shoreline simply sweep your magnet across the bottom.  

When going magnet fishing in dams or wells dropping it straight down is the best method.  try to move your magnet around and cover as much as you can before pulling it gently upwards.

Respect the law and please ask permission if you find private location.

Simple goes a long way. All you need is a powerful Neodymium Magnet and Strong Nylon core Magnet Fishing rope.  Some work work gloves are good to have as rusty metal can be sharp and cause some injury. Also, don’t forget to bring a bag for storing your treasures!

So have loads of fun on your Magnet Fishing Adventure and share pictures of your finds with the world.

Magnet Fishing Finds- Bikes

Till next time,