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Magnet Fishing - What makes a Magnet Fishing Kit | Chopolino

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

When is comes to #MagnetFishingKits there are many products out there for you to buy. Most kits come with a fishing magnet and rope, however this is not even close to cover your needs. This post will discuss the various components of a Magnet Fishing Kit that will include all the must haves.

The Complete Magnet Fishing Kit by Chopolino

Fishing Magnet: Naturally, the #Neodymium fishing magnet is the core of any kit. The size is really a matter of taste as you can start with a small magnet and later on, once you become addicted, you can upgrade to a larger one.

Our Premium Neodymium Fishing Magnet and Rope

A high quality rope: This is as important as the magnet. If you buy a cheap, low grade rope, it will break and you will never see your magnet again. Invest just a few more bucks and buy a #MagnetFishingRope that will be strong enough, long enough and resistant to water, wear and tear.

#AntiCutGloves: Very important. Protect your hands from sharp and rusty metal objects, without gloves you will be at risk of cuts and bruises and also infection.

Anti-Cut Gloves from Magnet Fishing

#MetalBrush: this is not a must but definitely a nice to have item: Instead of cleaning your #MagnetFishingFinds in the kitchen's sink (and sleep on the couch), clean your treasures as soon as you salvage them.

Metal Brush for Magnet Fishing Finds

#MagnetFishingBag: If you take your hobby seriously, you better have all of your items packed securely in one place. The bag will ensure a tidy trunk or garage and will allow you to carry all of your items to the #BestMagnetFishingLocations.

Our Branded Nylon Bag for your Magnet Fishing Kit

Till next time!