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The best places for Magnet Fishing

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Chopolino Magnet Fishing Blog

Assuming you are all set with your Magnet Fishing gear, you may ask what are the best places to go Magnet Fishing. Luckily you have the #gonemagnetfishing blog as your go to :)

So what are the best places to Magnet Fish?

There are bodies of water everywhere. For example you can do magnet fishing in lakes, swamps, rivers, ponds, dams, creeks, sewers and canals to name a few. It’s pretty likely you can find metal stuff in urban regions where there are always lots of folks walking around. If you are in the country out in the open, you could still find some great metal items that could have been in the water for years, so if you spy something like a drain or old well then try your luck!

Cities with a lot of history are great places to go magnet fishing. You may think about all the possible metal finds you could end up with that were thrown away during past times like a gold rush or some sort of industrial buildup, or if you are near a former battlefield, old mining areas, or deserted munitions making factory. You could even find some historic item and donate it to the local history museum.

Best Places for Magnet Fishing