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The Best Magnet Fishing Kit Has Arrived

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

THE SOLUTION IS HERE: Whether you’re a history enthusiast or an amateur treasure hunter, you’ve probably wondered time and time again what kind of sunken treasures lie at the bottom of our waterways.

This is where magnet fishing comes in: fun, relaxing, and adventurous. Not to mention all of the cool items you’re going to find.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Our Magnet Fishing kit literally includes everything you need to get started: an extra strong Neodymium Fishing Magnet, a durable rope tested for salt and sweet water activities anti-cut gloves for protection, a brush for you to clean all of the treasures you find, and a convenient carry bag to hold it all together.

SPECIAL MAGNET: Our Double Sided Fishing Magnet is made of Neodymium, and although it’s incredibly contact and lightweight it has a huge pull force so you can fish out metal objects even if soil, vegetation, or rust has accumulated or the object isn’t fully flat against the magnet.

ULTRA DURABLE ROPE: Our Magnet Fishing Kit includes 100 feet of our special rope, which is long enough for you to fish in both shallow and deeper waters or from bridges. The magnet fishing rope is made with a braided nylon core to give it outstanding durability, elasticity, and abrasion resistance.

GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: We at Chopolino love Magnet Fishing, so we’ve strived to design and make the ultimate Magnet Fishing Kit for you to enjoy this amazing experience.

We’re convinced you will love this kit, however, if not fully satisfied with your fishing magnet kit we’ll give you a full refund.

Stock is VERY limited as this is the first batch that arrived straight from our factory

We have two kit types Exclusively sold on Amazon with free shipping for Prime Members.

Large Neodymium Magnet 660lb Pull Force See Here OUT OF STOCK

Small Neodymium Magnet 330lb Pull Force See Here