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Starting out with Magnet Fishing

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

This blog post pretty much covers everything you will need to get started with magnet fishing, a hobby that becomes absolutely VIRAL around the world.

Sit back and enjoy the ride.

The core of your kit is A powerful Neodymium Magnet.

There are several versions and options that we will cover later in this blog post.

The magnet connects to a rope that must be strong enough to hold the weight of the fishing magnet’s pull force without breaking.

It is highly recommended to purchase a long rope of at least 100 feet because magnet fishing from bridges in the best way to go! so don’t limit yourself to short and cheap ropes.

Buying a cheap rope may lead to you loosing your magnet, so don’t take this risk and buy a strong rope that is capable of dealing with the tension, friction, salt, dirt and sun, and that will be flexible enough for the tie.

Magnet Fishing Ropes, strong and long

You will also need a pair of cut resist safety gloves.

Often the magnet fishing finds will be rusty and sharp so keep your fingers and hands safe.

Take along with you a bag or a box to store your finds and to keep your trunk clean.

A wire brush is highly recommended to carry, it will be used to clean up your magnet fishing finds from the rust.

You can invest more time and efforts on cleaning your finds later on, but get rid of the rust that surely covers the objects you found before leaving the area.

A dry cloth will come handy to dry your magnet fishing finds before coming back home, if you want your wife to keep supporting your new hobby, keep this tip.  

Wire Brush for Magnet Fishing Rust Removal

Picking the right Magnet Fishing Magnet

With this hobby gaining popularity, the options for magnets may confuse you.

There are two main types of Magnet Fishing Magnets: Double Sided and Single Sided.

After several years of magnet fishing, we highly recommend using the Double Sided fishing magnets.

The huge advantage comes from the ability to drag the magnet along with you for catching some hidden treasures. A double sided fishing magnet will increase your chances of finding metal objects faster as it covers a wider area than a single sided retrieving magnet.

The remaining differences are the material of the magnets and size.

In the past, the material used for retrieving magnets was Ferrite, a heavy metal that was bulky and cumbersome to use. The new king of magnets is called Neodymium, this is a rare earth magnet that is super strong and weight significantly less. furthermore, the Neodymium magnet is coated and won’t rust.

The size of the magnet correlates with its pull force, the bigger the magnet is, the stronger it is. Having said that, starting with a huge magnet is not recommended, it weight more and may cling to objects you cannot lift!

Double sided Magnet Fishing Magnet

Single Sided Magnet Fishing Magnet

Cut Resist Safety gloves

Instead of learning about the importance of using a pair of safety gloves for your magnet fishing journey the hard way, why not learn from our experience instead? Magnet Fishing is a safe hobby, yet the main risk in magnet fishing is hurting your hands. You are dealing with often sharp and rusty metal objects, not a good idea to touch them with bare hands, Another risk that comes with this hobby is getting your finger stuck between the magnet and the magnet fishing finds. Trust me, it hurts.

Cut Resist Magnet Fishing Safety Gloves

So if your are serious about your new hobby and will take our tips into account, all that's left is to find the best location for magnet fishing and to have loads of fun!

Till next time,


Rusty Magnet Fishing Loves

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