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Fishing Magnets- Single sided or Double sided? | Chopolino

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

This Chopolino Magnet Fishing Blog post comes following numerous requests of newbies that want to know the advantages and shortcomings of fishing magnets.

Your selection between A Single Sided Neodymium fishing magnet to a double sided magnet has an impact on the amount of items you will find.

Magnet fishing has become popular recently due to the amount of social media posts, mainly Facebook, Youtube and Instagram, showing the amazing finds done with magnet fishing magnets.

As interest and demand for Magnet Fishing Kits has sky rocketed, many companies and individuals have started importing and selling magnets on-line via commerce stores, eBay and Amazon Some magnets are crap, but some are high quality magnets sold for a much higher price.

Cheap magnets will have low pull force, will break faster than a short distance runner on the olympics and will collect rust on the second magnet fishing trip, stay away from cheap fishing magnets ok?

Assuming you are not going to buy the cheapest magnet out there, you should know that there are two main shapes of magnets you can buy.

Single sided magnets and double sided magnets.

A Neodymium Double Sided Fishing Magnet

A Single Sided Neodymium Fishing Magnet

What’s the difference between single sided and double sided fishing magnets?

As for the materials the magnets are made of, Both are made from either Ferite Or Neodymium.

Ferite magnets are cheaper and may be identified by their Grey color.

We suggest you stay away from these magnets as they are extremely fragile and will crack.

Even though ofter they are bigger than Neodymium Magnets and heavier, they are actually weaker, so they are kind of inferior on all aspects.

As for Neodymium magnets, they are the wise choice.

True, they cost a bit more but their value for money is incredible.

Single Sided Fishing magnets are good for sinking them vertically (up and down motion) from bridges, river edges and lakes. They have a higher lifting power if compared to double sided fishing magnets, however they also have some shortcomings:

When you pull your magnet back out of the water, the single sided fishing magnet tilts on its side which has a low magnetic force so you may miss some items that either connected already to your magnet or missed by your magnet.

Double sided fishing magnets have a magnetic surface on each side, this is a huge advantage as you actually benefit from doubling your “catch zone” and detect metals on a bigger area than the single sided magnet!

You can use such a magnet in two methods:

The Pull (sink the magnet in the water and pull it up) or Drag (Walk with your magnet along the canal or river, dragging your Neodymium magnet along like your dog (without having to pick up dog shit! Yay!)

Chances are that at least one side will drag flat to the bottom of the canal or river and will have a significantly higher chance of catching something that the single sided magnet missed.

In summation, each magnet type has its advantages and shortcomings, but our vote goes to the...

Double Sided Neodymium Magnet.

Happy Magnet Fishing!