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Magnet Fishing Tips That Will Take You From Beginner To Expert

Magnet fishing guide: Tips that will take you from beginner to expert

Fishing with neodymium magnets is becoming extremely popular because people always want something new and different to try out. This type of fishing is designed to be exciting, interesting and it always tries to come up with something new and push the boundaries. It’s the type of thing that really works and if you’re doing it right it will become the ultimate fishing experience for you.

When you are a beginner in magnet fishing, things are quite hard because you don’t always know what to do. With that in mind, it’s all a matter of understanding the process and figuring out the right way to achieve here. Thankfully, here are some tips to get you started.

Pick a very high-quality magnet

What you need to realize with magnet fishing is that results will differ based on the quality of your magnet. If the magnet is not that good, you won’t have the best magnet fishing finds out there. Which means a very good idea is to invest in a good quality magnet. Once you have that, things will be a whole lot better and results will shine.

Professionals recommend you to buy a magnet fishing kit if possible, as that will come with all the stuff you need. If you just need to buy the magnet and you have everything else, the neodymium magnets are the best choice. The reason behind that is because they have a very good pull force and they are also small in size. Regular, household magnets will not be doing the trick.

What should you find in a good magnet fishing kit?

As we mentioned earlier, getting a magnet fishing kit is a very good idea. But every kit is different. Still, it should have something like a good rope, the right neodymium magnets, a carabiner and even some gloves. If you have more accessories, that’s great, but the simplest things are needed to get started and it will surely help a lot, so try to take that into consideration for the best results here.

How can you pick the best magnet fishing rope?

Since you never really know what type of fish you can catch, you need to make sure that you select a heavy duty rope which handles every kind of fish. The rope length is also important. Normally a rope that’s around 50 feet in length will be more than ok. Of course, if you’re fishing with a double sided magnet from a bridge, then 100 feet or more should be really good.

When it comes to the material, nylon paracord is a very good option. It conveys great elasticity, strength and durability, which is what you really need from this type of product. Keep in mind that even here you have multiple variants and grades on the market. Having a paracord that’s as strong as your magnet is pivotal at the very least. This way you will know that once you attach the paracord to the double sided magnet, it will hold and it will work really well.

What knot should you choose?

A good know magnet needs to tighten itself very quickly and it should also bring you a great sense of security. It can come undone if the knot is not good, so you want a good one that will sustain your magnet fishing kit and ensure everything works the way you need it to. Ideally you want to experiment a bit as you try to figure out what works for you and how you want to adapt to your own requirements. A good recommendation is the Palomar knot, especially if you are a beginner. As you go along and become better at this, you can try out some of the other models on the market, so that’s all up to you.

Start fishing near areas with lots of population

This might sound counter intuitive at first. But think about it, if you want to find metals, you’re not going to find that in the wild. You’ll find it in locations where there’s a lot of people. So fishing in heavily populated areas makes a lot of sense. You should go near some of the rivers in the city and try your luck there. That doesn’t mean you will always find something, but chances are higher when compared to other locations. And that’s what you want to pursue the most here. Fishing holes and common swimming areas tend to be maybe the best places where you can go fishing. Most of the time you should have a pretty good catch, so you should totally keep that in mind.

Don’t drag the magnet a whole lot

The idea is to throw the magnet close to the floor of that lake bed and then see what will work and how everything ends up. Adjusting the length a little bit will avoid situations when the magnet is in the mud and you will have it wrapped in seaweed or algae. That’s a problem, since you won’t catch anything that way. Which means you need to be persistent and you have to try a better, more cohesive way to handle this accordingly. Which is why you want to make adjustments so your magnet will be around 6 inches above the lake bed surface. At that point the results will be great and you can avoid any possible issues.

Clean the magnet often

Whether you like it or not, the neodymium magnets and all fishing magnets end up being dirty at times. After all, you will be pulling them through mud and other items. So you’re not always going to get the big prize. But then again, you should clean up the magnet often to ensure it works really well. If you want to clean it, you want to use antibacterial gel, a garbage bag, paper towels and so on. It might not seem that obvious at first, but this will be worth it, so try to make sure that you are handling this at the highest possible level.

Do you need a strong carabiner?

Of course, the carabiner is that hook which locks the magnet and rope. Basically, it assures you that nothing will snap when you go magnet fishing. And that’s what you want to focus on, having a good carabiner that will not break in any situation. The right carabiner is the one that will have multiple interconnected elements. Once you have that, it will make things better and easier. Ideally it needs to have a very good strength that matches the magnet and rope strength.

Should you use a secondary rope?

That’s up to you. But most of the time it can be a good idea to have two ropes if possible. A lot of people use a secondary rope for the magnet. That means the magnet needs to have two eyelets. Some even have 3, so that’s all up to you, but it can totally be worth it. Simply put, the addition of a secondary rope will help protect you from loss since you can add a lifeline just to be safe. There’s another benefit here, you can try pulling out large objects without having the first rope snap. Granted, this requires more force from your side, but it’s still worth the effort and that’s what you want to focus on the most with this.

You should always have more than one magnet with you

When you want to buy a magnet fishing kit, it’s a good idea to invest in more than a single magnet. After all, you never really know what might happen when you go fishing. Sometimes you might even lose the magnet, so the entire experience will be over. Having a few magnets with you will minimize the risk. This way even if something happens, you can just tackle the situation and move on. It will be a challenge for sure, but in the end it’s all about knowing what you have to achieve and how you plan on doing that.

Always remember that magnet fishing can be dangerous

You need to make sure that you follow safety rules when it comes to magnet fishing. It might not seem like a whole lot at first, but it’s important to make sure that you avoid any unnecessary risks. Keep the magnet away from electronics, also keep it away from the construct if you are fishing from a bridge. Be environmentally conscious, don’t throw items back if they are not good for you.


At the end of the day, magnet fishing is a great experience and if you have the right double sided magnet it can end up being wonderful. Make sure that you invest in a reliable magnet fishing kit and take your time to find the right product to suit your needs. There will always be challenges as you try to figure out the right model. But if you’re doing it right and you use these tips above, you can easily become a better magnet fisher. It’s all a matter of knowing the items you need to use, how you can use them and how you can take care of them. Once you know that, things will get easier and you can improve!