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Magnet Fishing Tips - Knots, Ropes & Gloves | Chopolino

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

This blog post will be short and to the point and will include some tips and tricks I did not include in previous posts. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

Many ask what is the best knot for magnet fishing. There are numerous knots but the one I recommend is called Figure 8 Follow Through Know. This knot never fails. Watch this short video to learn all about it.

If you are a newbie, I highly recommend that before you toss your Neodymium Magnet to the river, try using it on the ground... Loosing your fishing magnet is something you should try to avoid.

What should a Magnet Fishing Kit include?

A double sided Neodymium Fishing Magnet

The best kit should contain all you need in order to have the best experience possible:

1. A Double Sided Neodymium Magnet (The pull force varies and depends your your level of expertise and budget)

2. High Quality Magnet Fishing Rope: This is NOT the place to be cheap and use an old rope you found in your garage! You will loose your fishing magnet lightning fast. The rope should be long enough to allow you to fish from bridges, 100ft is about right.

3. Anti-Cut gloves: Some objects your will find will be sharp and rusty. Always use durable gloves to avoid injury

4. A brush for cleaning your findings is a must. Clean your findings outdoors and not at home, else you will get in trouble with your partner

5. Take a bag to store your treasures and carry them back home

6. A beer or two always come handy

That's all for today, happy magnet fishing!