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Magnet Fishing Risks

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

With an impressive history of wars and violence, it's no surprise that some of your magnet fishing finds may require extra attention and caution.

Magnet fishing seems to become a hobby that attracts more and more people around the world.

Even-though the vast majority of your Neodymium Magnets adventures end with a great smile on the face and a bag filled with Magnet Fishing finds, let’s use this Magnet Fishing Blog to raise awareness for a few hazards you may come across during your treasure hunt.

Naturally (and sadly) hidden underwater is a parallel universe packed with items dropped or hidden by people for years. Some of the magnet fishing finds may be totally innocent, like a wristwatch or ring that fell by accident, but some of the hidden treasures were not supposed to be detected by your strong magnet.

In the Magnet Fishing blog post we will raise some important issues related to magnet fishing finds that may be hazardous and therefore requite extra caution and awareness.

High Risk Magnet Fishing Finds

Sadly, we live in a crazy and often dark world. So easy to forget the wars that claimed so many lives and not that long ago. Just think about World War 2 and the amount of bombs, guns and ammunition that moved around Europe for a few good years. Wars have ended, for now, but the remains of the war are still with us, hidden in different locations around the world and underwater in many cases. But wait, let's not forget the criminal world filled with murders, robbers and violent thieves that had to discard their weapon while running away from the crime scene.

These events left us, the Magnet Fishing enthusiasts with some nasty souvenirs we should be aware of while magnet fishing.

An Unexploded WWII bomb found in the UK

Old war Guns and rifles

Modern handguns and shotguns

Military grenades

An old and rusty hand grenade detected by a Neodymium Magnet In Germany

Anti aircraft weapons

Unfired bullets


Neodymium Magnet detects unfired bullets

Landmines swept during floods

Knives (and not the ones used to slice bread)

Found a suspicious magnet fishing find? Follow these instructions!

Whenever you find a weapon, treat it like it’s a “live” and ticking bomb.

Avoid making any contact and call the police or bomb squad. Even though the weapon looks old and rusty, it may be still nasty!

While waiting for the police forces to arrive, make sure you keep others and yourself away from your magnet fishing find, curious people may try to pick up or move the salvaged object and cause a lot of damage to themselves or others.

Once the police forces arrive, they may carefully pick the gun or knife, and if its a bomb or grenade your Neodymium Magnet decided to pick up, the bomb squad are probably the next to come.  

With two world wars, and year years of criminal activity, it's not that surprising that people still find sketchy finds.

Just think about the robbers that have robbed banks and stores for years. The Gangs that have fought with knives guns and ran away with the victim bleeding on the pavement. Can you think of a better place to hide your weapon than the river, lake or canal? Think again.

The best advice is to use your common sense, awareness is the most important tool you are equipped with, and with being prepared with a plan, your magnet fishing adventures is guaranteed to be absolutely amazing.

Remember, Magnet Fishing is a great hobby with very few disadvantages (if you don’t take a Rare Earth Neodymium Magnet falling on your toes into consideration, I mean).

Keep safe and have loads of fun!