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Is Magnet Fishing Legal? - Magnet Fishing Laws | Chopolino

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Many ask if Magnet Fishing Is legal, so let’s talk about Magnet Fishing Laws.

This topic is commonly discussed and seems that there’s a lot of questions recently.

First, a short recap for the newbies among us.

What is magnet fishing?

Magnet fishing uses a strong magnet to grab metal objects that are hidden or lost underwater. 

There are two scenarios- Trying to find an object you lost and trying to find an object you want.

This trendy hobby is similar to treasure hunting with a metal detector but the setting is different- bodies of water such as lakes, ponds and rivers.

What kind of magnets should be used?

The best magnets for magnet fishing are Neodymium Magnets. Neodymium is a rare earth magnet that has a superior pull force that may surprise you if you take the small size into account.

There are many options out there in regards to the size and diameter of the magnet, however the quality is really what you should focus on so when you purchase your fishing magnet make sure it is a high quality one, coated against rust and long lasting, as this is the core of your magnet fishing kit.

The Magnet Fishing Rope is at least as important- make sure it is made of durable materials, water resistant and also long enough allowing you to magnet fish from bridges. And of course, the pull strength should be at least as high as the magnet plus the metal objects you plan to salvage.

Loosing your magnet is the alternative, don't go there.

If you are serious about this hobby, you should add a few more items and make a kit that will cover your needs from start to finish.

A Magnet Fishing Kit usually contains a magnet, rope, a pair of anti-cut gloves, a cleaning brush to remove the rust and a carry bag.

Magnet Fishing Kit

The items you can find vary from coins, safes, weapons, keys, rings much more, it all depends on the location, your technique, patience and luck.

Magnet Fishing Laws:

Magnet Fishing is not "illegal", meaning that unless your country has an explicit law against Magnet Fishing, you are free to magnet fish as your please.

Having said that, some points must be taken into consideration.

The "Public domain" is one thing, while a "Private domain" is out of your scope, unless you have the permission of the owner in writing.

If you find an underwater treasure in a private territory, the legal owner of the goods is the owner of the property and no, “finder keeper” won’t get you out of trouble.

Another point to consider when magnet fishing is the risk involved: Who knows what you will find while magnet fishing, from coins, bikes to handguns, ammunition and WW2 bombs.

If you are hurt while Magnet Fishing in a private domain, the owner of the property may be liable.

No matter where you dig your hidden treasures, remember that safety comes first- report any hazardous find to local officials. Don’t be a hero.

BTW, Fishing for metal objects in the public domain may be even considered as an environmentally friendly activity- helping our lakes, rivers and ponds to stay clean, so "win-win".

Happy fishing!