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Magnet Fishing Finds: A Parallel Universe waiting for you to discover

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

From Bicycles to WW2 bombs: The mysterious underwater world of Magnet Fishing findings awaits.

When you go Magnet Fishing, you have no idea what to expect (the only thing you know for sure is that it will be made of Metal)

In this blog post, we will see some amazing magnet fishing finds that will surely leave you amazed.

It seems that the underwater world is an accurate reflection of the local civilisation and culture, a parallel universe just waiting to be discovered, sometimes to a disturbing level.

For example, the Netherlands is naturally a place to expect findings related to bicycles, it is a known fact the thousands of bicycles are ditched in the canals of Holland every year.

Other countries, known to have a high crime rate have some disturbing finds that will give you the shivers.

And don't forget WW2...some crazy stuff from the war is lying on the bottom of lakes, rivers and ponds for years without anyone noticing.

Starting with the Netherlands:

Magnet Fishing Finds- Bicycles ditched in an Amsterdam Canal

Magnet Fishing Finds in the Netherlands

If you think that these bikes ended up on the bottom of the canal by accident, you are innocent. These bikes, in most cases were stolen.

In addition to bikes and even motorcycles, the things you can expect to find using your powerful Neodymium Magnet Fishing Magnet are:

Old Safes (criminals love hiding their evidence underwater, too bad magnet fishing becomes so popular, ha?)

Magnet Fishing Finds- A Safe hidden by thieves in a river

Coins and wallets

Smartphones (some of them stolen)

Old wagon wheels

Magnet Fishing Finds- Old Wagon Wheels

Computers and Laptops

Wondering what this person was trying to hide?

Some weird Magnet Fishing finds too!

Wrist watches (probably stolen)

Magnet Fishing Finds- Wristwatches

A crazy amount of work tools, wrenches, screwdrivers, nuts and bolts.

How about horseshoes, old locks and handguns? (Handguns!)

Magnet Fishing Finds- Horseshoes and handguns!

Moving to the criminal section, there's no doubt that something extremely bad happened here, don't you agree?

Magnet Fishing Finds- A rifle found using a Magnet Fishing Kit

And a lot of WW2 metal objects, from helmets to bombs and grenades.

This is, naturally very dangerous and if you come across such an object, you are advised to call the local bomb squad!

Magnet Fishing Finds- WW2 Helmets

Amazing Finds in Germany from WW2

Well, this one is really creepy. Salvaged in the UK.

Some sharp knives hidden in the river

Not sure what this knife was used for, probably not for peeling an apple

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The amount of items that were hidden by criminals along the years is virtually endless, question is- Are you up to what you may find?

Till next time,