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Magnet Fishing FAQ

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

So you have probably ended up at our Magnet Fishing Blog having heard the term “Magnet Fishing” on social media, at work or from a friend, but you still want to know more about Magnet Fishing, right?

In this blog post we will help you out by covering the basics. here goes:

So what is Magnet Fishing? 

Magnet fishing (or magnetic fishing) is a trendy hobby related to the treasure hunting category.

The process itself is rather simple: By using powerful rare earth magnets, known as Neodymium Magnets that are tied to a strong magnet fishing rope, you are able to “fish” metals that are underwater.

The Neodymium Magnet is thrown into the river, sea or lake and using the rope the magnet is salvaged. 

When your magnet has been pulled up back to land you will hopefully find some metal objects attached. This hobby is growing rapidly all over the world and for several good reasons: participants all over the world.

One of the great things about magnet fishing is the unlimited locations you can go magnet fishing.

Any river, canal, lake, pond or a bridge above the sea can be magnet fished as long as you have permission to be there.

So - plenty of opportunities for everyone!

There are so many amazing finds that are made of metal, just waiting for you to discover: Metals. Coins, Safes, Guns, Knives, Bikes, scooters and even motorcycles! with such an endless list of possibilities, Magnet Fishing provides hours of fun and suspense and also a sense of accomplishment and success.

Still not convinced? Some more reasons for giving Magnet Fishing a try:

1. This hobby will get you and you family outdoors for a breath of fresh air

2. Magnet fishing is one of the cheapest hobbies! No need for a big purchase (Magnet Fishing starters Kits cost around $30-35)

3. Children will absolutely love joining you magnet fishing as it is like a treasure hunt.

4. Think green! By magnet fishing you are helping clean up the environment and waters.

5. Magnet fishing is a hobby that can be done regardless the weather conditions.

6. Totally addictive! With anticipation of your next catch you will be surely keep coming back for more.

7. The perfect family camping activity

What about the cost of Magnet Fishing?

Indeed, the terms Neodymium Magnet & Rare Earth Magnets sound pricey, however you’ll be surprised how affordable fishing magnets really are.

It is not expensive at all to get started with Magnet Fishing as a hobby. If you are just starting out with your Magnet Fishing journey, there’s absolutely no need to buy a monster Neodymium Magnet that capable of pulling out a small car.

You can definitely start by buying a starters magnet fishing kit that includes a 350lb pull force magnet, a durable rope and a pair of cut resist gloves for around $30-35 dollars. Such a kit will be perfectly fine for many of the smaller to medium finds and will totally cover your treasure hunt desires for a long while.

Of course, you can start with a 660 lb Neodymium magnet that is more than twice as powerful as the entry level magnet, allowing you to “grow” with your hobby as time passes and curiosity takes control over you.

Is Magnet fishing dangerous?

This question is commonly raised and we need to understand why. firstly, as long as you play by the rules, the hobby of Magnet fishing does not have to be dangerous.

if you protect yourself with a good pair of gloves that are also cut resistant, and remember that you should notify the authorities should you find any sort of weapon, there is no reason to worry about this hobby. Use your common sense, local law and rules and Magnet Fishing will surely be a hobby to keep.

In conclusion

Hopefully this short blog post covered some of the Magnet Fishing frequently asked questions that you were looking for.

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