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Magnet Fishing 101

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Chopolino Magnet Fishing Blog

Like many people, you probably hear the term ‘magnet fishing’ and wonder what it actually means. Does it mean that you are going to be fishing using magnets that can attract fish to them? No. Does it mean simply getting a fridge magnet and attaching it to your fishing line for good luck? Of course not!

Magnet fishing is a unique and satisfying experience, and something that’s totally different to what you might expect. If you want to know what this enjoyable and satisfying experience entails in full, then this simple guide should help you to fully understand just what magnet fishing actually is.

So what is #Magnetfishing?

Our world is packed with lost metal objects, some of them are hidden below the ground, left by others for us to find using conventional metal detectors, and some are hidden in deep waters, waiting to be revealed. Lakes, ponds, and the big blue are actually treasure chests containing an unimaginable amount of metal objects.

The ultimate way to detect these hidden gems is by using #FishingMagnets. The act of magnet fishing is very interesting, in that it’s like a modern form of treasure hunting. By using powerful and strong magnets often made of #Neodymium, a #Rare #Earth magnet that has a very high pulling force, you can find some amazing items buried deep beneath the waves. What you can find below the depths of the ocean will be far more valuable to you than even the most satisfying of fishing catches in terms of sealife!

Connected to a robust fishing magnet cord and sunken into the deep, these Neodymium magnets will provide you with the catch of the day that will often amaze you. You can pull up everything from valuable old items to pieces of sentimental value that, connected with the right person once again, could truly change a life. It has become a major part of the reason why, for so many lovers of angling, that magnet fishing is a new hobby that they can enjoy over and over again.

Magnet fishing is a great and affordable hobby for anyone looking for some mystery and action with no additional costs whatsoever. All you need to do is find a spot, bring your magnet, and set it to work. It might take you some patience and some searching, but you can find some incredible spots that the rest of the world have simple left behind. If you are someone who appreciates the beauty of the world, and you want to unlock that beauty once and for all, you’ll find ample help waiting for you with the help of magnet fishing.

It’s an experience that so many people enjoy today, so why not join us?