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Is Magnet Fishing The Most Trending Thing Now?

Even though #MagnetFishing is not a new "thing", is seems this hobby becomes viral all over the world, with newbies joining the addictive club like never before.

Groups on Social Media clearly show the increased amount of Magnet Fishing Enthusiasts. The Facebook group named "Magnet Fishing" has 15,000 members, all very active and posting about their recent adventures.

A quick search of the term "Magnet Fishing" on Instagram reveals the same phenomenon-

So what makes this outdoors hobby a winner?

This hobby requires very little money to start with, a complete Magnet Fishing Kit costs less than $50 and really has everything you need to get it right. Our Magnet Fishing Kit is obviously the best (LOL) but a quick search on Google will retrieve many options, just stay away of cheap products with low quality that will leave you broken hearted when your magnet stays on the bottom of the lake and your magnet fishing rope breaks.

The core of the hobby is the Neodymium Magnet, also known as a "Rare Earth Magnet". This magnet is very powerful and is capable of connecting to metal objects submerged in water.

Neodymium Magnet and Magnet Fishing Rope

By connecting the magnet to a strong and durable rope, you can pull out hidden treasures such as coins, safes, bikes and even guns and knifes with sketchy history, a quick search on Google for "Magnet Fishing Finds" will amaze you, millions of images uploaded by magnet fishers from around the world.

Another reason for this outdoors hobby becoming so popular is the experience needed to get started. With basic safety measures and patience, you have all it takes to succeed.

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