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How to make extra money from a hobby? Try Magnet Fishing!

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Can you make some extra cash from a hobby? Yes you absolutely can. This blog post will show you how you can turn your Neodymium magnet to a profit machine

We are not talking about millions of dollars, but if you play it right, you can definitely make some nice profit from your hobby.

Today, I will show you several ways of making money by going magnet fishing.

Let’s start with a YouTube channel.

As you probably know, Youtube is much for than a platform for videos, people get paid quite a bit for having a channel with quality content. If you do not have a Youtube channel for your magnet fishing adventures, you should have one. Start with uploading videos of the various findings and get some traffic by using the right keywords in your title and description.

The keywords to use are: Magnet Fishing, Magnet Fishing Finds, Neodymium Magnets, Rare earth magnets, fishing magnets etc.

As soon as traffic comes in, and it make take a while so be patient, you may be contacted by various people looking to promote their products or channels and in return they will pay you for the traffic you provide them! The videos should be at least 60 seconds long and interesting, so your audience will stay till the end of the videos.

Upload videos on a weekly basis and incentivise the audience to subscribe to your magnet fishing Youtube channel by introducing a competition, for example, the person who adds a comment may win a free magnet fishing magnet. Youtube may also pay you if your videos get enough attention and views, the average is about 7 USD for 1,000 views of your video. Believe it or now, but some magnet fishing videos get ten of thousands of reviews as they are very popular recently due to the increased interest about fishing magnets, so making extra cash from Youtube is closer than you think. The more videos you make, the better your channel will look and attract more views.

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Selling your scrap metal for extra cash.

Metal worths money.

Assuming some of your magnet fishing finds are not in the best condition, you should keep them in a safe place until you have a nice pile of scrap metal in your garage. Once you have a good amount of metal, seek a local scrap yard and sell your magnet fishing finds for cash. You can make about 50 cents per Kilogram. This is not much, but if you keep saving your metal and sell it, you will realise that this is a very good way to make some money from a hobby, so don’t throw away your findings! You are also cleaning up the water and making money while having some quality time. Not a bad deal at all.

Selling Valuable Magnet Fishing Finds

Often, you may end up finding an object that does have some value and can be sold as is, either online (eBay, Amazon, second hand websites etc), and either to antique stores and coin collectors. Even finings that do not look as something that can be sold, will be sold for the right price! There are so many things you can find during your magnet fishing hunt for metal- coins, safes, knives, watches and bikes, try offering them on eBay and see the magic happen!

Offering Metal Detecting and Salvaging Service

Another nice way is offering your service for salvaging metal objects that fell into the water. if someone lost their bikes, keys or smartphone, he’ll be happy to find someone to pull them out using fishing magnets for a small fee!

Remember, things you may find while going magnet fishing may look worthless to you, but may be worth a lot for someone else, especially if you take a few minutes and clean up your finds by using our technics, presented in a previous blog post.

That's all for today,

Happy magnet fishing!