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About us

When it comes to enjoying ourselves in life, one thing that we need to do is find activities to motivate us. For example, are you someone who enjoys the thrill of adventure? Of looking for something that you might not find with ease? Then you would love magnet fishing. It has become a hobby for the adventurists and the explorers of the world; the people who like to take a risk and make the world a bit more exciting. At Chopolino, we encourage everyone to do that.

Through the adventurous art of magnet fishing, we help many people to find their own sense of adventure and their ability to simply see the world in a light they previously would not. Rather than always leave you wondering what might be beneath the depths, we’re here to help you find out for yourself!

We think that one of the most important things that you can do in life is to explore. Exploration, though, needs you to have the ambition to look beyond the obvious. It also forces you to take a more methodical approach to how you work and how you operate. In a bid to do that, you need to find the tools to make that so. At Chopolino, our various magnet fishing accessories can aid you in that journey.

By taking away much of the stress involved in finding something special to do with your time, magnet fishing offers adventure where previously little existed. Not everyone wants to go scuba diving for treasure and adventure, after all. With magnet fishing, you don’t need to put on that diving suit and head beneath the waves yourself. You can do it all on your own!

Our Story

Our story, then, is simple: Chopolino is run by three people, Josh, Chris, and Anna, who love magnet fishing. Keen adventurers and passionate about possibilities, they are people who put their heart and soul into finding the special things in life. It’s through that passion for finding adventure that they began the manufacture of creating magnet fishing gear sets that you can use to your own advantage.

As passionate people who love to find out what else waits for us beneath the waves, the Chopolino team are passionate about finding something unique. We know, though, that doing this without the right support can be a nightmare. To that end, we have worked together as a team to build a product catalogue that easily quells this issue and solves the problem at hand. 

We tap into our own ambitions for adventure and encourage you to do the same. This is our story, and our vision is to help you create your own story of adventure. Be sure to tell us what you find as you go about the world magnet fishing: the things that we’ve heard people finding beneath the water is truly enough to satisfy your inner adventurer!